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Strip #1 Rendered in DasStudio Iray. Police G2M Lee; Medical Examiner V4 Frida; City streets;  the body is also G2M; Coroners wagon – DeliverySedanFA (custom)


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Severed Man (Gorey)

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Two renders of the new Severed Man props by RawArt.Image

ImageThese are based on my SavageWorlds Deadlands 1969 campsign.


Deck of Many Things

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History of the Deck of Many Things

Deck of Many Things

Try again

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Try number two. I wasn’t pleased with the first attempt (bad lighting made the image look flat)At the diner

Software: Carrera 8, DazStudio, Comic Life

Models: Daz Victoria 4 (and V4 with male morph), RazorRider Diner 2500, Daz Spinosaurus, P3DA_CityStreets

After the Time War!

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Comic 01

A web comic, by Marcus Tillman. (Updated at irregular intervals at best.) I’ll try to give credit where due.